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  • Mosquito Control

  • How Are We Different?

    At Green Air Solutions, we only use organic mosquito control that is safe for your family, your pets and the environment. Most importantly, we make protecting your family from mosquitos and the diseases they carry our number one priority.

  • No Mosquitos Guaranteed

    While there is nothing available that will get rid of every living mosquito on your property, we do guarantee that you will not be bothered by mosquitos in between treatments. If you are? Just call us and we will be more than happy to come over, re-assess the property and perform a re-treatment for no extra cost.

  • No Commitments

    We never make customers sign contracts or make commitments, if you wish to cancel you may do so at any time. Just let us know before we come over for another treatment.

  • We offer single treatments or seasonal treatment plans.

    Please call us at 877-BE-GREEN (877-234-7336) for a free estimate!